Why matchIT SQL?

1. FAST Installation & killer technical support.


It is ABSOLTUTELY CRITICAL to test applications on your own data, in your own environment and on your machines. But that doesn’t have to mean just an installer and a 50 page PDF. With a matchIT SQL Supported Trial we’ll work with you to install and set up the software quickly, then customize and fine-tune matching configurations to meet your requirements. We’ll walk you through the process to make sure you are consistently seeing the desired results – be that the highest match rate, eliminating specific types of matches or figuring out how to deal with a unique formatting issue in your data.

2. Better matching.


Our matching engine delivers an unrivaled match quality straight out of the box but can also be fine-tuned to pick up on all the little nuances in your specific data. This is why we usually pick up more matches than competitive products. Often 20-80% more matches! Even on a relatively small file of (say) 100k records – that’s a lot of matches.

3. matchIT SQL is built for speed.

If you need rapid processing, even on very large tables and datasets, test drive matchIT SQL. It fully scales with your available hardware and is proven on databases of 200 million records. On a typical machine, matchIT SQL can comfortably generate keys at 25 million records per hour and find matches on a 10 million record database in less than an hour. Here are a few more benchmarks*:



Dedupe 1M Records…………………………… 3 minutes 42 seconds (3.6% match rate)

Dedupe 80M Records…………………………… 15 hours 1 minute (5.9% match rate)

Overlap 5M Records into 40M………………………  1 hour 14 minutes (6.3% match rate)


*Benchmark machine configured with 10Gb RAM, 4 Cores hyperthreaded, 3.40 GHz. Except where stated, stats include key generation, exact matching, fuzzy matching

and grouping.

4. Bring your data as it is.

Do you suffer from messy data? Lists, forms, and website data with misspellings, abbreviations and wrong addresses? No worries! matchIT SQL can make sense of your data no matter what shape it’s in.

5. Best value on the market.

Validating the ROI of a data quality tool is a daunting prospect and because the price range is so vast (literally from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands) it can be difficult to gage how much to budget, how much clean data is worth and which products fall into which price category. Because matchIT SQL offers unprecedented match quality at a surprisingly competitive price, our clients agree that it delivers the greatest return on a data quality investment.