Dale Reed, Director of Information Technology, DMB Group

The matchIT SQL command interface was ideal, and allowed us to provide quality phonetic de-duplication without any manual processing. Using matchIT has increased our duplicate match rate by 18-25%. This therefore reduces our costs to our client.

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dmb group Data Quality Case Study

dmbgroup had arranged to provide one of their clients with data from several sources for marketing purposes on a monthly basis. They therefore needed to ensure data was deduplicated prior to final extract. Because of the scope and frequency of the work, they also required the process to be automated – but the priority was to achieve the best possible match rate with as few false positives as possible.

dmb group automated their data matching process and increased match accuracy by 18-25%.

MS Society of Canada Data Quality Case StudyTo meet the fundraising demands and forge customer relationships, the MS Society chose to implement technology that enables them to gain a single customer view and better see that there are individual people who support the charity in many different ways. MS Society licensed and implemented matchIT SQL – helpIT systems’ integrated data quality solution built for Microsoft SQL Server.

MS Society of Canada gained a 360 single customer view & improved their donation stewardship as a result.

Database USA Data Quality Case StudyProcessing millions of records and rows of data on a daily basis required DatabaseUSA to search out a list cleansing solution that could handle very high volumes as well as integrate NCOA, address verification, data standardization and Geo-Coding in a single pass. The volume and frequency of the work also required a simplified data import process and job automation that could easily be reused daily. In reviewing different solutions, DatabaseUSA searched for a vendor that could not only provide all of the features that they were seeking but also support that was available on demand when they needed it most.

DatabaseUSA saves time and increases production capabilities using both matchIT suite and matchIT SQL.

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