SSIS data quality package

Data Quality Tools Tightly Integrated into SQL Server.

matchIT SQL is a high-performance data quality solution tightly integrated within Microsoft SQL Server, allowing you to run sophisticated matching, cleansing, address validation and deduplication processes on large volumes of data with unprecedented matching results. If you are looking for a tool to extend the data quality capabilities within SQL Server, complement your organization’s Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Master Data Management initiatives and establish an accurate Single Customer View – take control with matchIT SQL.

Deploy Your Way in SSIS or Stored Procedures

Implement in either SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio using SSIS tasks or in SQL Server Management Studio using stored procedures.

Depend on matchIT SQL for optimal system stability

matchIT SQL monitors itself, terminating and restarting problem processes as necessary, ensuring reliable processing without impacting SQL Server.

Process enterprise-level data volumes with ease

matchIT SQL is a multi-threaded application which will handle even the largest datasets comfortably and is proven on databases of 200 million records.

Features At a Glance

  • Standardize, verify, correct and consolidate data
  • Intelligent fuzzy matching and parsing
  • Matching within and across single or related tables, or single record lookup for backend order processing
  • Easy to integrate into existing workflows and tasks, requiring just basic database configuration and permission setting
  • Grouping of multiple simultaneous matching levels (I.e. Individual, business, family, address or custom)
  • Proprietary scoring system that can be automated to achieve a Single Customer View
  • Maximum processing performance through multi-threading technology, enabling large tables to be processed quickly
  • Address validation using CASS Certified Engine with Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
  • Integrated international address validation
  • Custom configuration settings and SQL scripts that can be reused for repeating and automating matching routines
  • Matching logic implemented as a CLR assembly made up of SQL Server Stored Procedures (written in .NET) which can be called through SQL scripts, or executed via SSIS tasks

Business Uses

  • Prevent the addition of duplicate records
  • Remove existing duplicate records
  • Match records across systems
  • Properly standardize names and addresses
  • Populate salutation/addressee fields from freeform names
  • Improve structure and relocate data elements to correct fields
  • Detect gender from first names
  • Screen for garbage and offensive entries
  • Match phonetic, miskeyed and abbreviated variations
  • Standardize titles and qualifications
  • Intelligently split names into component parts
  • Establish a single view of your customer


matchIT SQL is built from the ground up for high performance within SQL Server. Optimized queries and the utilization of the fastest tools to transport data between the matchIT SQL engine and your database ensure rapid performance allied with reliability and accuracy. matchIT SQL is a multi-threaded application which fully scales with your available hardware, delivering a significant increase in performance if your computer has multiple CPUs and/or cores. matchIT SQL will handle even the largest data sets comfortably and is proven on databases of 200 million records. For example, on a typical machine, matchIT SQL will comfortable generate keys at 25 million records per hour. Performance of finding and grouping matches depends principally on the level of duplication, but using its intelligent fuzzy matching on the same machine on a 10 million record database with 8% duplication, matchIT SQL will find and group matches in under an hour. These speeds scale considerably higher when using high performance servers and disks.

matchIT SQL Performance Benchmarks*

  • Dedupe 1M Records…………………… 3 minutes 42 seconds (3.6% match rate)
  • Dedupe 80M Records……………………. 15 hours 1 minute (5.9% match rate)
  • Overlap 5M Records into 40M……………… 1 hour 14 minutes (6.3% match rate)

*Benchmark machine configured with 10Gb RAM, 4 Cores hyperthreaded, 3.40 GHz. Except where stated, stats include key generation, exact matching, fuzzy matching and grouping.


32-bit applications:

  •  matchIT API 1.3.0 or greater (x86 runtime);
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (x86) or greater;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (x86);
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/2012

64-bit applications:

  • matchIT API 1.3.0 or greater (x64 runtime);
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (x64) or greater;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (x64);
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/2012 (x64 edition).

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