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Handle inconsistent & poorly formatted data

imgmatchIT SQL can connect to any SQL Server database utilizing either tables or views and can work with any data challenges – no need to parse or standardize ahead of time.

Pre-built data quality processes for SSIS packages

SSIS data quality tasksEasily drag, drop and connect matchIT SQL data quality tasks from the SSIS toolbox to create and automate required data quality processes.


Customize match keys

imgIn matchIT SQL you have complete control to customize and tune match keys, weights, settings, constraints and score thresholds to allow effective automation of decisions for differing business objectives. Because all fuzzy matching happens in a single pass, it is highly efficient.

Perform address validation & NCOA processing

integrated address validation screenshotClean address data results in better match rates and matching results that are easier to automate. matchIT SQL provides fully integrated address verification for USA and over 240 countries worldwide. For USA, NCOA and Delivery Point functions are also integrated, as is international geocoding.

Scoring of matches to streamline automation

imgThe matchIT SQL proprietary scoring system allows you to set your threshold for matches and quickly automate processes, minimizing manual review of the gray area.

Generate actionable results

imgMatching pairs and groups are written to database tables which are created by matchIT SQL within the SQL Server database allowing you to easily create the output you require.


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